Our Vision

Hearts In Harmony Farm is intended to be a place where people can have hands-on interaction with live animals — usually, domestic and/or farm type animals that have been rescued from unsafe, unhealthy, or unwanted situations. Our farm will be a place to learn various things, including how to properly care for animals, and responsible “Pet Guardianship”. The farm is expected to be a place to promote tolerance, understanding, empathy, and compassion for others in our Community. Whether 2 or 4 legged, everyone in the community can enjoy the peaceful beauty of nature, along with beneficial interactions with animals.

Hearts In Harmony Farm wants to promote a kind, positive, accepting, and nurturing environment, no matter where people are from, language spoken, religious beliefs, who they love, level of mental or physical ability, etc. Our Farm is intended to be a place where we can make new friends, collaborate with neighbors on mutual interests, and work hard to establish a place we can all benefit from — all while strengthening the bonds of our community. If you are like-minded, please help us achieve this goal and create a special place locally — where all people feel included and safe to be themselves. We welcome everyone who can accept others, who may be different than themselves, and likes animals.

Plant, Cultivate, Educate

The purpose for having a large, home-type garden is that kids need to learn where their food really comes from, as it’s not just from a can, box or drive-thru. Kids may also be interested in trying/eating unfamiliar vegetables more if they had a vested interest! They would get to help amend the soil, plant seeds, nurture growing plants — all the way until harvest time! Learning that their hard work can pay off, they can truly enjoy the fruits of their labor, as long as Mother Nature is also cooperative! Many of these practical lessons translate into other aspects of life, too.