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Hearts In Harmony Farm (HIHF)


Interested, in:

1) Making a Direct, monetary contribution? Please go here:

2) Volunteering?

3) Or, have any questions?  

Then, please contact us, via the form below. We’ll get back to you, as soon as possible!  

Please let us know if you live “local” in the Illinois areas of: 

Aurora, Montgomery, Naperville, North Aurora, Oswego, Plainfield, Plano, Yorkville 

If so, arrangements can be made – for direct, safe, and secure pickup, also.

Please consider becoming a HIHF volunteer and/or contributing things such as, but not limited to:  

animal items for care and maintenance, expertise in various Industries, materials, money, skillsets, supplies, time, use of tools and/or specialized equipment, and/or just pure “muscle” for tasks and projects.

ALL will be needed on the farm when the time is appropriate. 

We recognize, that not everyone may have “cash” to give as a gift. However, everyone likely has something of value to contribute in order to make this endeavor a reality, such as your time, or skills.

Thank you!