About us

There is something about nature and animals that is good for the inside of a person.

Our vision is to provide one place where all types of animals in need collaborate with the community, in order to provide support and learn from one another.

People helping Animals; Animals helping People!

All members of the community, from children to individuals with special needs, to the elderly, can benefit from this unique situation.

We are currently focusing our property search on farm locations within usually 10-15 minutes from Montgomery, Naperville, Oswego, Plainfield, or Yorkville, Illinois.

Hearts In Harmony Farm will be a unique destination where family, friends, and neighbors come together for animal-related events, education opportunities, and hands-on access to live animals.

It will help children engage with the outdoors by encouraging them to pet, groom and interact with animals. They may even forget to check their smartphones for a while!

Planting a large garden is another goal for Hearts In Harmony Farm. Teaching visitors about planting, nurturing, and harvesting crops is our objective. Preparing and eating those crops is icing on the cake! Or at least tomatoes on the sandwich.

The peaceful scenes pictured here are meant to convey the soothing and relaxing nature of our future farm. It will be a place where troubles will diminish, and blood pressure will decrease the moment you enter our grounds.

(Left — Toyland Falabella Miniature Horses)

Why support our cause?

Our vision

Hearts In Harmony Farm is intended to be a place where people can have hands-on interaction with live animals — usually, domestic and/or farm type animals that have been rescued from unsafe, unhealthy, or unwanted situations. Our farm will be a place to learn various things, including how to properly care for animals, and responsible “Pet Guardianship”.   … more

Hearts In Harmony Farm

Hearts In Harmony Farm wants to promote a kind, positive, accepting, and nurturing environment, no matter where people are from, language spoken, religious beliefs, who they love, level of mental or physical ability, etc. Our Farm is intended to be a place where we can make new friends, collaborate with neighbors on mutual interests, and work hard to establish a place we can all benefit from — all while strengthening the bonds of our community.  …more…

Plant, cultivate, educate

The purpose for having a large, home-type garden is that kids need to learn where their food really comes from, as it’s not just from a can, box or drive-thru. Kids may also be interested in trying/eating unfamiliar vegetables more if they had a vested interest! They would get to help amend the soil, plant seeds, nurture growing plants — all the way until harvest time! …more…

Here is

an example of the types of hands-on experiences that people young and old could encounter at Hearts In Harmony Farm.

Read to dogs

Hearts In Harmony Farm is planning on collaborating with a local organization, who has experienced, screened, and trained volunteers paired with their own trained dogs with the goal of encouraging and supporting children’s literacy levels and their enthusiasm for reading.

Community-building events

Hearts In Harmony Farm wants to eventually host various events, to be enjoyed by all members of our community. We plan to incorporate wholesome, fun experiences to bring new friends and families together, whether making homemade ice cream at 4th of July celebrations, an egg toss at Easter, fundraising, farm-to-table chef inspired dinners with our fresh produce, or even having potluck dinners, etc.

Some of the Animals we have Helped

Some of the Animal Types You May See Here

Our team

Tina Fisher


Mike Johnson


Michelle Wilson


Current Plans for the Farm

  • Acquire a property.
  • Establish a volunteer program
  • Establish education program
  • Set up fencing and animal housing
  • Establish formal fundraising activities