• Become deeply involved in the Chicagoland animal rescue community. We are committed to finding permanent forever homes for abandoned, neglected, abused, unwanted, or homeless animals. As it stands, we have re-homed a variety of animals in need.
  • Offer a welcoming place for seniors to connect with loving animals.
  • Provide opportunities for children and special needs individuals to interact with animals.
  • Cultivating a large garden, showing children the importance of gardening. Eventually, we want to host farm-to-table dinners by incorporating the talents of local chefs, giving an opportunity to showcase our home-grown food.
  • We want to host wholesome entertainment, activities, and begin traditions! Special events will be planned quarterly. For example, Easter, July Fourth, Halloween, and Christmas.
  • The farm cannot wait to host adoption events to help keep animals out of high-kill shelters and animal control facilities.
  • Offer supervised, personal interaction with domestic animals, including live bunnies, cats, and dogs, as well as farm-type animals like chickens. Additionally, animals, such as miniature horses, goats, llamas, and others will hopefully be available.

Hearts In Harmony Farm is excited to be enjoyed by all members of the community. Many could benefit from positive, healing and nurturing experiences. There is nothing like fresh air, sunshine, exercise, laughter and loving animals. Even those who may be afflicted with things such as anxiety, autism, cerebral palsy, depression, or PTSD can find comfort. Many who are stressed by divorce, struggling with loss or financial issues can benefit by interacting with loving animals.

Establishing the Hearts In Harmony Farm and its bevy of exciting ideas and plans is not easy. Although its mastermind, Tina Fisher, and some dedicated volunteers have the drive, the excitement, and the vision, the farm also needs funding.

We have many key supporters who have already donated their time, experience, skills and expertise. However, like many nonprofit organizations, we need financial and monetary help. Donations! There, we said it. Hearts In Harmony Farm is ready to offer proper public recognition to those donors willing to help this community project, whether small businesses would like to donate or any number of individuals who have it in their hearts to help.

We fully anticipate numerous fundraising events, seasonal activities, and family experiences like purchasing farm-fresh eggs to help Hearts In Harmony Farm succeed. But we also need donations. If you are able to give please visit our paypal page, or even better, feel free to send a check to:

Hearts In Harmony Farm, Inc
.P.O. Box 9074
Naperville, Illinois 

Your contribution is tax-deductible!!! Please donate now.