Urgent Adoptables

Need immediate assistance in helping a Neighbor, please.










Regrettably, my friend & Neighbor has developed life-threatening levels of allergies, recently. After extensive testing- the conclusion is not one we wanted to hear. As we really only need an immediate Temporary Foster OR Permanent Adopter.

Because, amongst other things adding to their compromised respiratory system, the 2 cats I previously Adopted to them.. have been determined to be a significant contributory cause.

Their Allergist & other Drs, have stated they MUST have the cats vacate, immediately. As they can’t risk another Medical crisis… requiring Emergency care. As hey, Breathing is a great thing!

These 2 boys are VERY bonded… and, do need to stay together. As they definitely fare better together, than when separated. Their current Owner is of course – just heartbroken at having to lose their snuggle buddies! IF, it was not for the risk of DEATH (literally) they would NOT be giving them up. This is definitely, “time sensitive”… as we need a safe place for them to go, ASAP. 

BOTH cats, are Microchipped, Neutered, and 100% FULLY vetted. As I just got them into the Vet recently, in order to get all of their shots. They come with a clean bill of health… as we did any blood work, and/or recommended testing, worming, etc… that was due. They take NO medications, and BOTH are Front declawed. Plus, they tested NEGATIVE for FeLV and FIV, also.

I believe, they would be best in a quiet, calm household, also. Mango is the solid orange cat. And, Speedo is the other.

IF, u or someone u know, would be interested in Adopting them both together or at least Fostering them, temporarily… please contact me ASAP, via PM.
Thank you!