Unbelievable Dog Story

This, is why I want to help dogs (And, rescued, abused, neglected, unwanted homeless animals, in general.)… like this one in Texas! They are SO appreciative, and know when people have changed their life for the better!

This picture says it all!! …. Please, read this dog’s story, further down this page.

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Thank you!!

LAP posted the photo on its Facebook page with a note saying the “sweet terrified” dog needed a “Thanksgiving miracle.”

(Photo: From LAP Facebook page)
Posted by John WoestendiekNovember 27th, 2015 under Muttsblog. ”

**The story in this ** column , is taken directly from the news article – as I found it, on the internet:

“Pleeeeze, DON’T
leave me!”
Two days before Thanksgiving (2015), a woman brought this dog to the Collin County Animal Shelter in McKinney, Texas, saying she’d found her on the street.

The woman later walked out, but not before the young pup wrapped her front paws tightly around her leg, as if to say, “No, please don’t leave me here.”

The gesture was captured in a photo.