Autumn’s True Story

This is Autumn!

Autumn was an extremely anxious dog who had spent the first year of her life almost entirely in a crate. Her story is a PRIME example of the difference one can make in the lives of abandoned animals.  

If Hearts In Harmony Farm had already existed in November 2015, it would have been as easy as “Bring her here!” Without a central location, her story consisted of TWO weeks of tireless effort, along with MANY other people, assisting in getting her into a secure place. In that time frame, she was shifted from 4 different locations as we searched for a more permanent foster home.

One morning, I was contacted that Autumn had until 7pm that night, to have a place to go – or, she was truly going to be “Homeless”.  I worked non-stop, throughout the day, advocating for her to have a safe place to go.  At the last minute, I was able to get “As Good as Gold – Golden Retriever Rescue of Illinois” to agree to take her in.  A few hours later, I personally transported and delivered her to the Veterinary Clinic designated as the In-Take point.  She was then going to be placed into a foster home, for proper training.

Thank you Robin, at “As Good As Gold- Golden Retriever Rescue of Illinois” as you really came through for Autumn!


Autumn has been ADOPTED!!!!!!

While help from her foster family, Autumn was able to tweak her manners with proper obedience training. She’s has now become a great companion and family pet for someone.