Hi neighbors!

Please, contact me ASAP – to set up a Meet & Greet!

With several kids & the Dad out of the picture, suddenly… & no real income to support them all… the Mom & family must move, immediately.

However, where they’re going… Apparently, they can’t take the dogs, also. Current Co-Owner is supplying me w/pics & info.

Yes, both are “fixed” and Microchipped. Status of Vaccinations is unknown, at this time. So, will assume – they need all normal shots, worming, etc. But, that is the easy part! And, I can help Adopters get that all done at a “Rescue Rate, too.

Although, they’d be considered a “bonded pair”… And, I’d prefer they stayed together. It sure beats them going to an overcrowded Shelter & potentially being euthanized.

So, splitting them up… is possible. But, only if necessary to save their lives! And, would be done only if it’s as a “last resort”.

BOTH DOGS: Are about 5 yrs old. Are 1/2 Siblings… with same Momma dog- but, from different litters, apparently. And, both are good w/small children & other dogs. Not sure, about Cats or other small furry critters in a household?? NOT “cat tested”, yet. So, May/May not be ok w/pets, other than dogs. They’d have to “meet”, to be certain.

The Male, “Kane”, is in 1st picture on the left — and, is the more solid, lighter brown colored dog w/pics taken as a side view.

“Molly” (below), is Female, (picture below, taken head-on) is more Brindle colored has the white blaze that extends into covering her muzzle in a half-white color, too.


In my opinion, they just look miserable & very sad! Pics were taken just today, too. So, that I could do this post.

Is there anyone out there, with a fenced yard?… Who’s willing to give these good dogs a great home and put a “SMILE” back on their faces?? Please?

If so… please contact me, ASAP. Thank you!  (See updated post here.)