About Us: The Mission

To have one place where all types of animals in need collaborate with the community, in order to provide support and learn from one another.

People helping Animals; Animals helping People!

All members of the community, from children to individuals with special needs, to the elderly, can benefit from this unique situation.

We are currently focusing our property search on farm locations within usually 10-15 minutes from Montgomery, Naperville, Oswego, Plainfield, or Yorkville, Illinois.

Hearts In Harmony Farm will be a unique destination where family, friends, and neighbors come together for animal-related events, education opportunities, and hands-on access to live animals.

It will help children engage with the outdoors by encouraging them to pet, groom and interact with animals. They may even forget to check their smartphones for a while!

Planting a large garden is another goal for Hearts In Harmony Farm. Teaching visitors about planting, nurturing, and harvesting crops is our objective. Preparing and eating those crops is icing on the cake! Or at least tomatoes on the sandwich…

The peaceful scenes pictured here are meant to convey the soothing and relaxing nature of our future farm. It will be a place where troubles will diminish and blood pressure will decrease the moment you enter our grounds.

This image was created by our founder to simply give the essence of what this special place is intended to be about. Please, visit the linked GoFundMe website for Hearts In Harmony Farm, &/or other sections on this website, for additional details.

We realize this current image version may not be perfect from a professional Graphic Designer’s perspective, but, being an untrained “graphics layperson” – it was simply the result of pure “moments of inspiration”.